When you work a job that demands most of your day, it can be near impossible to find time to go to a gym and focus solely on staying physically fit.

Studies have shown that the more time we spend in a sedentary and non-active state, the higher our chances of developing depression and anxiety. They have also shown that sitting at work all day is bad for our health and increase our risk of weight gain and obesity.

So what is a woman to do when she wants to stay physically fit but works all day?

Here are some unconventional ways you can stay fit during your work day:

1. Get a Stand Up Desk

Stand up desks are a fairly new piece of equipment more and more people are using to stay physically fit while at work.

These styles of desk allow you to stand up comfortably while you are working.

Using them has many health benefits, including increasing blood flow, lowering the risk of obesity/weight gain and reducing back pain.

There are also work-related benefits as well, such as raised energy levels, increased productivity and improved mood.

2. Do Desk Exercises

Even if you are sitting all day at work, you can still incorporate movements that will improve your physical health.

Short bouts of aerobics, strength exercises and stretching during the work day can help improve fitness levels as well as strength.

Even though desk exercises can burn a few extra calories throughout the day, it is not an adequate replacement for being active – but it is better than not moving at all.

When you have a moment during the day, try these exercises:

  • Seated Leg Raises. Sit upright in your chair and straighten your left leg so it is parallel with the floor. Hold in place for 10 seconds. Repeat with your right leg. Perform this exercise for 15 repetitions.
  • Football Fast Feet. Sit in your chair with your feet flat on the ground. Tap your feet rapidly in place for 30 seconds. Take a break then repeat for another 30 seconds. Try to bring your heart rate up (without breaking a sweat).
  • Hovering Leg Raise. Sit in your chair and raise both legs so they are parallel with the floor. Slowly lower your legs without touching the floor – hovering an inch or two. Hold for as long as you can.

3. Fit in a Quick Workout

The point of cardio exercise is to get your heart rate up. If you have a few moments during the  day, you can do this easily without breaking a sweat.

On your lunch break, go for a walk and talk with a coworker. The combination of walking and talking will help to increase your heart rate.

You can even grab a couple of full water bottles and do some strength training during your breaks.

Fitting in a quick workout doesn’t have to involve getting sweaty or using fancy equipment.

4. Get a Physically Demanding Job

At the end of the day, you are not going to lose a significant amount of weight or build a large amount of muscle by doing quick workouts and movements at work.

These are great ways to keep your body healthy, but they are not going to cause major changes.

If you are looking to completely redefine your physical health, you may want to consider changing to a career that is physically demanding.

Most of these jobs require that you be in good physical shape in order to perform the physically demanding work.

For example, oilfield workers must be in good physical shape in order to perform their daily tasks of lifting, climbing, assembling, maintaining, repairing and operating. Some women have committed themselves to peak physical health in order to work in the oil fields.

Your Physical Health is in Your Hands

If you can’t find the time to commit to your physical fitness outside of work, it’s up to you to find ways to focus on your physical health during your work day.

When worse comes to worse, you can always consider making a career move that will guarantee optimal physical health.

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