what to expect in your forties

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I know this sounds heartless, but once in a while I do have to prepare patients that in this day and age, with our cummulative lifetime risk factors and increasing longevity for those in the baby boomer generation that most will likely be diagnosed with one type of cancer or another.

The great news is that more and more cancers are treatable and survivable. It is common in my practice for a women to be diagnosed and treated for skin cancer, diagnosed and treated for her breast cancer and then actually prevent a colon cancer by having her pre-cancerous polyp removed-all in the span of 15-20 years of her life after 40.

The latest stats are that 1 out of 3 will be a cancer patient and most of those a cancer survivor. Many women survive thyroid cancer and many men prostate. Both sexes can live with and do often live a normal lifespan with certain blood cancers.

Cancer is slowly losing it’s icy grip of fear and resignation for those in the medical and general public alike as more focus is on prevention and treatments continue to improve. Expect to encounter it, expect to beat it- we work hard at it too.

*Excerpt from the E-book series WHAT TO EXPECT IN YOUR 40’s

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