The CDC publishes the number of babies born in the US each month of the year.

One season sticks like a sore thumb for having the most babies born. If you guessed summer, you would be correct.

The months of July, August and September have the highest number of deliveries. My birthday is in September, Dr. Carol’s (healthgist co-founder) birthday is in August.

So, this begs the question: Can You Be more Fertile at Certain Times of the Year than others?

I have 2 little ones of my own. One of them was born in the summer. We get inundated with birthday party invitations every summer, so much so that I  am thinking of begging my kids to stop having more friends!

Why are most babies born in the summer (knowing how unforgiving the weather could be to a newborn)?

There are two possible hypothesis for this;

1. Just a funny coincidence. Very plausible since very few pregnancies are planned.

 2. The “good” that men do show up after nine months (wink, wink).

There’s a lot of warm and fuzzy feelings in the winter months. There is the festivity of the holidays. It gets dark early, it’s too cold to go outside or do anything else so we stay warm under the covers.

Lots of conceptions happen in late fall through winter and those little bundles of joy are delivered nine months later in the summer.

There you have it!

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