Healthgist Holiday Gift Guide

We at Healthgist LOVE giving gifts and want to share our picks. This carefully constructed and researched list helps make you the best gifters and increases the chance of creating happy recipients.

Of course the choices reflect our mission to help out the busy moms and working ladies while focusing on products and services that help improve our health and lives as well.

(prices range from FREE to $499.99)

Healthgist Recommends…

Zoku Pop Maker

zoku pop maker

-turn almost any juice, smoothie mix or chocolate milk into an instant, healthier, more cost friendly, frozen treat.

– fun for the kids to make.

Available on Williams-Sonoma

Wool Dryer Laundry Balls

Wool Dryer Balls by Heart Felt– save money as you won’t have to buy dryer sheets anymore and loads dry faster/less energy & time

-no more artificially scented petroleum based fabric softners that can aggravate asthma, allergies, and cause rashes

-clothes have a true CLEAN scent which is NO SCENT

by Heart Felt available on


Isle Concierge via Flickr

Isle Concierge via Flickr

Are You Losing Your Marbles quiz

Luminosity brain exercise accounts/apps

soduku puzzles


-brain foods


sodoku puzzles rsz_omega_3_fish_oils



 SpaRitual Nail Color Products

sparitual nail polish-free of formaldehydes and cancer causing agents.

-smaller bottles to prevent waste.

SpaRitual available on

NEUMA Shampoo & Conditioner

rsz_neuma-spot-shamp-cond-simply the most luxurious and most natural haircare line.

-find at local salon vendors.

Neuma shampoo & conditioner available on


 INSOMNIA BLOCKERS- Blue Light Blocker Glasses

Blue light Blocker Glasses-clinically proven to help block the blue spectrum light to help stimulate sleep cycle by Uvex

Blue light blocker glasses is available on

 Vitamix- Professional Blenders

rsz_vitamix-make a myraid of healthy fresh fruit and veggie meal replacement drinks.

-helps with weight loss & weight management

-save time and improves energy

 Vitamix professional blenders available on

 Decorative Ear Picks

rsz_ear_picks-unique gift & health item.

-helps prevent ear wax buildup and hearing problems.

 Decorative Ear Picks available on

 Nesco Brands- Food Dehydrators

Nesco Brands- Food Dehydrators-fresh, healthy foods for snacks and sides.

Nesco Brands- Food Dehydrators available on



spa finder gift cards



-local Bookstores

Other Misc Ideas:

Sleep Aid Sound Machines



Citrus Press- Brevelle


Panini Press

Panini Press



ILLY Coffee

ILLY Coffee

Power Bible -Graphics/Comic Children’s Bible Series

Power Bible

Photo products- costco, mypublisher, shutterfly

shutterfly cards


Farm Fresh to You- Organic CSA Coop Organics Deliveries

Parks and Recreation Annual Pass

Disclosure: Some of the links are affiliate links meaning that we would be paid a tiny commission should you purchase any product you click on.

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