We’re turning ONE this spring! In celebration of this momentous birthday we are launching a contest to feature your favorite Healthgist Health Hero.

Tell us about someone in your life who inspires you to live a healthier more balanced life. Perhaps their own health struggles and bravery touched you, or the way they reached out to you during your medical crisis helped you heal.

Whatever the story, we’d love to hear about it and who knows? Your hero (or heroine) story may be selected as one of the 3 finalists and be featured right here to be shared with thousands of women in over 150 countries who need a lift and some inspiration on their health journey.

That’s the way we want to celebrate our Healthgist birthday, by shining the spotlight on you  and your health hero.

Hero Story Rules:

1. Your health hero story submission should NOT exceed 500 words.

2. Obtain permission from the person you want to nominate or write about.

3. 1 image (photo/art) that represents your hero.

4. Submit your story by Friday March 27th, 2015.

5. We would select 3 health hero finalists to be featured here.

6. The 3 health hero finalists would be put to vote here from March 31st through April 15th (Tax Day).

Yes you can (should)  canvass for votes because the health hero finalist with the most votes wins!

7. The Healthgist Health Hero Winner is announced on April 17th.

The health hero finalist with the most votes wins a $50 Spa-finder gift card for herself and one for her health hero.

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