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You are upset and rightfully so. The stinky, fishy vaginal odor would not go away no matter what you try. You start to think that everyone else can smell it from a mile away and your self confidence takes a big hit.

Just so you know, the Wet “Down There” Treatment Plan will tell you the cause of your vaginal odor and provide you a personalized treatment plan for getting rid of it.

Once Bacterial Vaginosis (the most common cause of vaginal odor) is full blown, your only recourse is to either wait it out or use antibiotics to treat it. The best treatment for this is oral metronidazole (flagyl).

I will have you focus on prevention though. Minimizing your chances of coming down with bacterial vaginosis will save you the time, the money and the hassle of needing a pelvic exam and a fistful of awful testing pills.

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so let’s delve into what you can do to prevent you from coming down with bacterial vaginosis (BV)

1. Do not douche
The process of over-cleaning the vagina rids it of the healthy acidic balance and the result is the thin fishy discharge.

2. Limit antibiotic use
For your run-of-the-mill cold, let your immune system do it’s job to fight the virus. Save antibiotic use for more serious infections.

3. When you are on antibiotics, consume yogurt or probiotics
This will help restore your body’s normal flora and maintain the pH level “down there”. Frequent and persistent use of antibiotics could lead to an overgrowth of alkaline bacteria or yeast.

4. Wear underwear made from breathable fabrics
Those sexy lingerie made from Lycra are good for date nights but can make your more susceptible to developing BV especially when worn daily. Same goes for those super tight yoga pants.

Medical Pop Quiz: What do you know about odors “down there?” Find Out Below

What causes you to itch "down there" and gives you a thick white discharge?

What condition gives you a fishy odor "down there"?

True or False; You need to get treated for every discharge you notice "down there".

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  • Hi, I’m 14 and I’ve been having problems where I get like white stuff in my vagina. It can smell of nothing when I’m out the shower, but then sometimes can smell a bit fishy and sometimes my pants smell a bit cheesy, plus when I shave I get itchiness down there and white heads that pop up? This may seem weird but I do masturbate, and I’ve tasted the white stuff that comes out my vagina and it’s really sour? I don’t get it! Please help? What should I do

    • Without an exam from a doctor and getting some swaps taken for lab testing, there is no way to be absolutely sure of what you have “down there” Megan. My advice would be to make an appointment with your doctor or a gynecologist.

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