It is very common for adults to struggle with constipation issues- especially us ladies.

There are usually several NON mortal issues that contribute to this slow and hard stool issue, but whatever the triggers, conditions leading up to it, many resort to over the counter laxatives to give them some literal relief.

Because the timing and causes that contribute to constipation can be long and not tit for tat logic, most people overlook the OTHER common contributors besides poor water intake and a diet lacking in fiber.

Here’s are the other long term contributors to constipation:

1. Inadequate exercise– low natural endorphins and adrenaline slows the gut

2. Irregular sleep or poor sleep quality- restorative sleep is essential to assisting ideal metabolism which in turn churns out that stool

3. Stress- both emotional and physical stress raises cortisol and this over time slows gut motility

4. Time zone changes- ever struggle to go #2 on the first couple days of that vacation or business trip?

5. Elevation changes- going from sea level to the ski slopes can cause gassiness, etc

6. Low Vit D (hormone D)- affects 2/3rds of bodily functions including bowels

7. Deficit in the beneficial gut bacteria (take a good broad range probiotic if you aren’t prone to eating fermented or aged foods)

8. Can be part of menstrual disorder, so controlling and treating this can help relieve constipation

So after you regulate your eating and water intake, see if any of the above is also slowing you down…the gut takes a while but it can be improved over time…

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