Woman with beautiful legs sitting

Woman with beautiful legs sitting

In this modern medical era there are still a few taboo topics that carry a lot of social stigma-
One such case is when someone gets diagnosed with an sexually transmitted infection (STI).

The lesion otherwise known as a “bump” producing conditions like Genital Wart and Genital Herpes seem to carry the most angst with the diagnosis due to the sometimes unsightly bumps and also the fact that there is no cure as of yet.

Though these two viral infections can be a lifelong struggle here are some facts to remember to help put things into context.

Genital Herpes and Genital Warts (Human Papilloma Virus)

Neither of the two sexually transmitted viruses are life threatening with the exception of pregnancy. Pregnant women with active outbreak have delivery precautions for the baby.

You’re not alone- MILLIONS live with the virus.¬†Treatments and lifestyle changes can help manage or prevent outbreaks.

Most will never be able to pinpoint exact time of contraction since many people spread the virus inadvertently so a diagnosis is not really something to BREAK up over.

Vaccines for HPV exist to help prevent contracting this and even prevent the cancer associated with it
Use condoms to help prevent the spread.

If you are healthy overall and take good care of yourself, the chances are you might have one initial outbreak and then your bodies immune system can keep things in dormancy for a long time.

So, though you have an STI and no one wants this diagnosis, it is also not the end of the world and can be managed well.

Sure, you have to communicate well with your significant other and consider a couple more things related to your health, but you can do it without overreacting and without despairing.

What to do now? Read on…

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