Spider veinsIt’s no secret that we women care about our looks.  Vain maybe but that’s how girls are raised and yes the emphasis on having a youthful appearance by the media and the society at large puts even more pressure on us.

So I fully understand why my female patients would inquire about the causes and the solutions for what they see as unsightly spider veins even if my inclination would have been to brush off those concerns.

Before we discuss the solutions for this First World problem, how about taking the time to discuss the causes of varicose veins (spider veins);

5 common causes of spider veins

1. Gravity 

The arteries deliver oxygen to every part of the body via the bloodstream while the veins take back the oxygen-stripped blood back to the heart for oxygenation.

The veins in the legs have to counter the downward pull of gravity to do this and over time they falter which lead to those wormy discoloration that we call spider veins.

2. Age 

You probably took your first steps sometime around age one. The longer you have been upright, the longer your veins have had to work to resist the downward pull of gravity.

So the older you are the higher your propensity for developing spider or varicose veins.

3. Genetics 

Spider veins tend to run in families. If your mama has them look out, spider veins might be headed your way.

4. Medications 

Long-term steroid use both orally or as a cream could thin out the skin and could lead to spider veins. Birth control pills or hormonal pills use could also lead to spider vein formation.

5. Pregnancy 

My first crops of spider veins came with my first pregnancy. The combo of gravity and hormones were just too hard to overcome!

Now that you know the 5 most common causes of spider veins, how about taking on the more interesting piece; getting rid of them

Treatment Options for Your Spider (Varicose) Veins

We would be going over;

  • Pros of each treatment option
  • Cons of each treatment option
  • Which treatment option your health insurance would cover
  • Which treatment option is considered cosmetic (ie not covered by your health insurance)
  • Typical downtime for each treatment option

♦ You will also get the How to Select the Right Doctor for Your Elective Procedure cheat sheet.

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