Blast 707 Photography via Flickr

Blast 707 Photography via Flickr

A sizable number of us will develop cysts in the breast at some point and may have to seek medical care for the condition.

The problem with breast cysts is that we often can’t say for sure that it’s a cyst (especially if you are over 30) without putting you through the wringer to rule out breast cancer.

If you have been told you have breast cysts, aggravating as they can be, be rest assured that those breast cysts will not transform into breast cancer.

Cancer starts off as cancer, cysts do not transform into cancer as far as the breasts are concerned.

Here are 7 useful facts to keep in mind regarding breast cysts:

1. They tend to occur in both breasts at the same time.

2. They are almost always painful. Pain is a good thing when it comes to breast lumps. A painless breast lump sets off the alarm bells in my head.

3. Breast cysts tend to be cyclical; as in you would notice a pattern of painful cysts around your cycle.

4. Breast cysts come and go as they please. One cyst ruptures one month, another may form at a different location soon after.

5. The best test to check out a breast cyst is an ultrasound.

6. Going on birth control would usually limit new breast cyst formation.

7. Cutting down on your daily caffeine intake will also limit new breast cyst formation.


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